14-jarig bestaan African Foundation of Wonder


Today we celebrate our 14th anniversary! 🎉🎁🎂

In 14 years we have been able to do a lot in Ghana. We are currently building a new school in Pataase which hopefully will be finished this year. Besides that we have build two new schools, a new boarding house, two toilets, finished one school, provided 15 children of junior and senior high schoolfees, helped 17 families to start their own business, provided food for 6 years for 40 vulnerable children, provided two schools with sport jerseys and learning materials, helped with medical bills. And some other small stuff.

When we started 14 years ago we started with passion, our heart at a good place and a few main goals; we wanted to do the work in Ghana voluntarily and the Ghanaian people decided what was needed and they were the ones who would do the work. Throughout the years our focus changed more into not only helping one project and area. We have had projects in more areas and we had several of Ghanaian partners with new and good ideas. We praise all our partners for their good work in Ghana. We wouldn’t be able to have any impact without them.

We are really happy to have been able to do this work with our Ghanaian partners in Ghana for the last 14 years. And we want to thank everybody who supported us! #love#anniversary#Ghana

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